The Gatecrasher (Part 1)

The Gatecrasher (Part 1)

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Tale #8 - part 1 - from the menacing horror short story anthology GRIM RENDEZVOUS, written & narrated by Chris Harvey.

"The bogeyman'll get you! The bogeyman'll get yo-!"
Mandy Barnes slammed the door in the kids' faces. She had neither the time nor the patience to humour them tonight.
She let out a long sigh and looked at her watch.
8.38 pm.
The party was due to begin at ten and she hadn't even started on her make-up yet, although she was kitted out in ... Maggiori informazioni


  1. 00:00
    Opening Theme by Mike Moran
  2. 00:38
    "The Gatecrasher" Part 1
  3. 12:43
    End Theme "No Mean City" by Mike Moran. Sung by Maggie Bell

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